Celebrating our 15 year anniversary - Voices on GPOBA


GPOBA celebrates its 15-year anniversary of providing innovative financing solutions that link funding to the achievement of verified results. GPOBA support provides access to basic services such as household connections to water supply and sanitation, electricity grid, health services, and improving solid waste management services for low-income communities that might otherwise go unserved.

Over the past 15 years, GPOBA has reached over 9 million beneficiaries through a portfolio of 48 subsidy projects in 28 countries. GPOBA projects have helped leverage additional financing for projects through commercial financing such as PPPs, commercial lending, or community equity to make pro-poor investments viable.

In addition, GPOBA has supported numerous technical assistance and knowledge building activities to disseminate the lessons and experiences learned from the design and implementation of OBA/RBF approaches across various sectors and regions.

Through this experience from the last 15 years, GPOBA has evolved into a Center of Expertise on output-based aid (OBA) and results-based financing (RBF) serving as a valuable resource for developing countries. And in the years to come, we will work by enhancing and scaling up our activities to provide a range of RBF instruments, fostering collaborations, and exploring new frontiers for extending our reach to achieve greater impacts.

We invite you to check out the videos below to hear the voices from the field on how GPOBA has improved their lives.

Check back periodically as we will be updating this page with more voices on GPOBA.


Honduras OBA Water and Sanitation Facility:  Housed within the Honduran Social Investment Fund, this US$4.5 million “OBA Facility”—the first such facility funded by GPOBA—aimed to improve access to water and sanitation services for about 15,000 low-income households, and to increase efficiency and transparency in sector investment funding. By the end of the project,  87,600 low-income residents had obtained access to water and sanitation services.


Greater Accra Metropolitan Area Sanitation Project: At World Water Week 2016, Dr. Bertha Darteh explains how output-based aid provided incentives to service providers in Ghana's sanitation sector.